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Corps340 Podcast #29: Mark Chambers

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Mark Chambers managed to arrange for a seat at one of Pittsburgh’s most exclusive locations: around the podcast table with Gordon and Brian. In this episode, we chat with Pittsburgh’s only inductee of the prestigious Les Clefs d’Or, the national association of professional hotel concierges. Mark enlightens us in the subtleties of his unique profession with his natural class and humor. He has enjoyed a front row seat watching the cultural and culinary growth of Pittsburgh, and has the thick black book to prove it.



Corps340 Podcast #28. Michael Lotenero.

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This week’s guest on the Corps340 Podcast is artist Michael Lotenero. Michael is particularly interested in pursuing creative joy. It comes in the form of his singing, which he does with his band Chupacabra. It comes in the form of design projects, a discipline he started with one-time partner and still close friend, Rick Bach. But it manifests itself most remarkably and demonstrably through his paintings, which are showcased in both national and international galleries and forums and are almost purely based on self-expression vs. commissioned work.

He talks about his 17 – yes, 17 – different moves he made as a child growing up between Ohio and Florida and how he pretty much ran into the same type of kid no matter where he lived and basically treated the whole experience as akin to camping. He discusses how art shouldn’t be a committee experience, compares the process to cooking, that the art of creating everyday is an act of defiance and reveals to us his favorite part of the day.


Music and Video

Who said radio is dead?!

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Moxie USA tasked us to come up with some new original music that fit the brand of their client Piada Italian Street Food. This was a fun challenge as it meant going against the obvious to create something modern and cool, to recreate the experience of being in their restaurants. We love this brand, our client, and these spots. Radio is very alive!


Corps340 Podcast #25: Yvonne Cook

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Every week (or thereabouts) we host the corps340 podcast along with Brian Bronaugh of Landesberg Design and Gordon Robertson of Hullabaloo Agency . We talk with various people from around the Pittsburgh area who have interesting personal stories and contribute in their own way to this vibrant community. This week’s pod features Yvonne Cook, President of the Highmark Foundation and VP of Community Affairs for Highmark.

General Interest

Occasional feedback…

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Once in a while, or a while longer, a word of encouragement comes when I least expect it. The following is a note sent to me from a singer for a jingle that I produced a little while back.

“I just wanted to once again thank you for your effort, talents and excitement you created in the “session yesterday”. I was the Bass singer in the jingle… we just met. I had a BLAST!
I so enjoyed everything about it, loved the process, and really appreciated how you worked with the talent and brought the best out of everybody. The “jingle” arrangement is/was really cool, challenging and was fun to sing – and your TRUST and enthusiasm in front of the client was greatly appreciated by all!

I have not lived in NYC for over a decade now, as I am raising my family in this great town of Pittsburgh. I have done a number of cast albums for Broadway musicals and some films and… my time in your studio just brought back some great experiences and memories. For that ….I thank you!

The atmosphere and professionalism you and your studio represent once again reiterated ….that talent does not have a zip code…. great things come always to those who foster and create great expectations.

Also, what a treat it was to share some time in your studio just visiting and also hearing about your love of music and – the instruments…and their journey’s as well!!!!

Thank you for your time

(name withheld for privacy)