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Corps340 Special Edition Podcast: Dave Vissat

Posted by Contagious Music on
Corps340 Special Edition Podcast: Dave Vissat

The author Dorothy Parker once said, “Creativity is a wild mind, and a disciplined eye.” On today’s show, we pay tribute to our friend Dave Vissat who had the wildest mind, the most disciplined eye and all the other elusive tools to become arguably the finest art director in Pittsburgh advertising history. Dave died late last year, but his work — and more importantly his contagious creative spirit — will be felt for years to come.  See for yourself at DaveVissat.com while you listen to some of the people who knew him best: Michael Brunner, Scott Morgan, Tom Cwenar, Maria Tarquinio, Dan Magdich and Meade Johnson.  Don’t worry, it’s not sad; it’s Dave.

Listen on Libsyn, and iTunes.

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