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Newcomer Hullabaloo Agency trusted us to create original music and sound-design for their client Hop Culture. Here’s the first in a series of web spots! Cool stuff this is and we had lots of fun with multiple fuzz pedals (Prescription Electronics, Big Muff, Ibanez, Seymour Duncan, and Fulltone, getting the right tone for a 57 Gibson Gold Top Les Paul(re-issue) and Vox AC30 amps.


Corps340 Podcast #38: Vasilios Scoumis

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Vasilios Scoumis left a relatively stable and upwardly mobile position with the Pine Richland School District to start working for the Manchester Academic Charter School, a role which eventually posited him as the CEO of the entire organization. Our discussion centers around the role and debate the charter system inhabits, his unique leadership approaches, the north shore development and the upcoming partnership with MuseumLab, an initiative of The Children’s Museum… and how he almost ended up in Vegas.

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Corps340 Podcast #37: Danny Earls

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This week’s guest on the Corps340 Podcast is Danny Earls. The native of Wicklow Town, Ireland – a fact you’ll pick up on immediately – is currently a midfielder for the Pittsburgh Riverhounds soccer club but also a very talented graphic novelist who will be pursuing a post-playing career in that art form as well. Danny patiently and with good humor explains the finer points of the beautiful game from his perspective as a player in the USL, MSL and the Premiership with Aston Villa FC’s reserve team. Danny has the soul of an artist and a sliding tackle of the devil himself.

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Corps340 Podcast # 35: John Dick

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To the list of disrupted industries in our new economy, add the polling and research business. And you can thank today’s Corps340 Podcast guest John Dick for being a major disrupter. In possibly our first bona fide NSFW episode, John and Gordon discuss politics, the virtue of manly men and how to successfully cold-call Mark Cuban.

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Corps340 Podcast #36: Corrine Jasmine

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Corrine Jasmin | Artist, Writer & Activist
Our conversation with Afro-Haitian artist Corrine Jasmin traces her upbringing as one of the few girls of color in her Erie, PA neighborhood through her time here in Pittsburgh – a city she has unbridled enthusiasm for while still providing an unflinching perspective on the societal conditions and challenges that are present here for women of color. We cover labels, the cultural biases at play with the definitions of beauty, the role skin color has played in her identity, fluid sexuality and how all of this has influenced her art. She is a refreshing and vibrant voice and displays a thoughtfulness that is well beyond her 22 years.

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Corps340 Podcast #34: Scott Paulsen, Part 2

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We pick up part two of the Corps340 Podcast with Scott Paulsen by diving into the release of his new book, “Dirty Hippies” beginning with his unvarnished critique of how it sounds on tape to him currently and then explore the people, places and music that were the inspirations behind the characters and the stories in the book. We finish up with why we are both drawn to history, a little dip into politics and end on some Warren Zevon thoughts.

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Corps340 Podcast #34: Scott Paulsen, Part 1

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This week’s guest on our Corps340 podcast is Scott Paulsen. Scott’s self-described job title lists him as the former dishwasher for The Waterford Inn but most people will probably remember him for his 30-plus years as a thoughtful, intelligent and entertaining radio personality with the likes of WDVE, WRKZ and ESPN1250.

In addition to the writing he did for radio, Scott has been pursuing other literary paths as well by writing a weekly newspaper column and authoring several books, most recently his new one titled “Dirty Hippies”, which is about how a disparate group of eccentric characters from a small town deal with a Woodstockian-style rock concert that descends upon their town one summer in the early 70’s and is drawn from his days growing up in Chester, WV.

We had a lot of fun talking with Scott – so much so we’ve decided to split the dialogue into two parts. Part one covers his broadcast path, the early influences and seismic industry changes that occurred over his still on-going career in the medium. Part two delves into the craft of his writing, the rhythm of writing dialogue and bringing his characters to life. Available on iTunes, Soundcloud, or

You can still catch Scott on the airwaves occasionally. To order a copy of his book visit his page on Amazon at

Corps340 Podcast #27: Damon Claus

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One of the earliest employees of the innovative Pgh-based company 4Moms, Damon sits down with us to discuss the heady early days of the company he was intimately involved with for over 6 years and his decision earlier this year start down his own entrepreneurial path with the formation of Castus Consulting.

He’s been a Hampton Talbot, a Virginia Tech Hokie, a band roadie and a sound engineer – all of which prepped him to lead the expansion of the 4Moms product lines into international markets – it’s quite a journey. We also geek out a bit on golf – dissecting the country club culture as well as a shared frustration and joy with how freaking hard it is to play.

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