Occasional feedback…

Once in a while, or a while longer, a word of encouragement comes when I least expect it. The following is a note sent to me from a singer for a jingle that I produced a little while back.

“I just wanted to once again thank you for your effort, talents and excitement you created in the “session yesterday”. I was the Bass singer in the jingle… we just met. I had a BLAST!
I so enjoyed everything about it, loved the process, and really appreciated how you worked with the talent and brought the best out of everybody. The “jingle” arrangement is/was really cool, challenging and was fun to sing – and your TRUST and enthusiasm in front of the client was greatly appreciated by all!

I have not lived in NYC for over a decade now, as I am raising my family in this great town of Pittsburgh. I have done a number of cast albums for Broadway musicals and some films and… my time in your studio just brought back some great experiences and memories. For that ….I thank you!

The atmosphere and professionalism you and your studio represent once again reiterated ….that talent does not have a zip code…. great things come always to those who foster and create great expectations.

Also, what a treat it was to share some time in your studio just visiting and also hearing about your love of music and – the instruments…and their journey’s as well!!!!

Thank you for your time

(name withheld for privacy)

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